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Here at Jael’s Market we do our best to support independent and new coming black owned businesses. 

And we will offer you the opportunity to shop with them, via our website!

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Welcome to the Jael’s Market online shop.

Find a range of naturally perfumed soaps, body creams, body and massage oils, bath oils, body scrubs as well as hair and locks repair, hand cream, lip balms and more.



Best Seller

The Hadassah has been created by Jael, for the sisters only. This oil was inspired by the Book of Esther, when it explained how Hadassah (Esther) was getting prepared to become the Queen.

Vanilla Body Cream

We only use natural and organic products. 

Body Scrub

Jael’s Body scrubs are based of 2 essential ingredients: Organic Brown Sugar & Coconut Oil.

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