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Jael’s Market is a natural, vegan and organic brand based in the UK.

My range consists of naturally perfumed soaps, body creams, body and massage oils, bath oils, body scrubs as well as hair and locks repair, hand cream, sea moss, lip balms and more.

Natural, Vegan & Organic

My name is Jael,


My name is Jael. I started Jael’s Market back in 2018 when it was hard for PoC to find natural and vegan skincare products. Years prior, I was making products for family and friends, until they encouraged me to do it as a business and offer it to a bigger audience.
I believe that we all have a gift and I had the chance of discovering that mine is caring for others!
From making oils and creams, I have widen my brand and started offering health and wellness consultations, herbal blends, postpartum support and more. I am a true believer that our Creator created all the healing we need in nature, and we simply have to seek to find what is required for the body, mind and spirit.
Throughout the years I have worked with Afrikan and Diasporas women entrepreneurs, promoting and pushing their businesses, which allowed us to build schools, dig wells and more in countries such as Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Grenada. As a Black Woman, I believe that our powers is also found in the way we support each others.
I recently decided to partnership with a brand of 100% handmade and organic soaps, providing each and all of you with the best varieties of soaps to use daily.
I hope you will find what you need.
Do not hesitate to contact me via email or Instagram for infos and consultations.
Take care of your skin, Jael

100% Natural Vegan

Organic Soaps


  • Body creams: £14
  • Body oils: £14
  • Soaps: £5
  • Afrikan Black Soap £5


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Natural Vegan & Organic

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