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Jael’s Market

Jael’s Market is a natural, vegan and organic brand based in the UK.

My range consists of naturally perfumed soaps, body creams, body and massage oils, bath oils, body scrubs as well as hair and locks repair, hand cream, lip balms and more.

Natural, Vegan & Organic

My name is Jael,

I started my natural beauty products brand in 2018.

I work in partnership with a female entrepreneur in Grenada who produces 100% Natural Vegan Organic soaps.  I, myself, make the rest of the products using  shea butter and black soap imported from West Africa.

100% Natural Vegan

Organic Soaps


  • Body creams: £14
  • Body oils: £14
  • Soaps: £5
  • Afrikan Black Soap £5


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